A new way of living

Sheragans like to...

...establish freedom of individuals and people groups
...take care of the earth, and protect the beings that inhabit it
...share of wealth and intellect to have it benefit others that are lacking
...kindly engage and encourage towards healthy and empowering relationships
...avert malice or exploitation towards individuals, regardless gender, race or creed
...scientifically and philosophically research, reconcile and respect the origins of existence
...take an open, inquisitive, intuitive and sensible approach towards mysteries and the unknown

Decentralized governance

The Lands of Sheraga are a free and open source conglomerate society comprised of a variety of interlocal governing bodies. Together, these groups form a meta-structure in which they work together. Sheraga is an eclectic societal structure in which multiple forms of governance and arbitrary groups can peacefully co-exist and develop shared cultural values.

Together the communities are developing shared standards to inspire and assist the inception of Sheragan initiatives in new regions.

This website serves as a placeholder for diverse information about Sheragan Lands in general, while the communities each run their own information hubs.