Please meet our citizens

Sheragan citizens...

...establish freedom of individuals and people groups
...take care of the earth, and protect the beings that inhabit it
...share of wealth and intellect to have it benefit others that are lacking
...kindly engage and encourage towards healthy and empowering relationships
...avert malice or exploitation towards individuals, regardless gender, race or creed
...scientifically and philosophically research, reconcile and respect the origin of existence
...take an open source, factual, and inquiring approach towards mysteries and the unknown

If this has perked your interest, and you would like to meet one of us, please contact us using the contact page. We like to meet new people.

Our government

The Lands of Sheraga are a free and open source conglomerate society comprised of a variety of interlocal governing bodies. Together, these governments form an aerocratic meta-structure in which they work together. Aerocracy is an eclectic societal structure in which multiple forms of government and arbitrary groups can peacefully co-exist and develop shared cultural values.

The publication your are reading falls under the government of Ghelderun, our first provincial Land. Our government is currently developing standards to inspire and assist the inception of Sheragan initiatives in new regions.

This website serves as a placeholder for diverse information about Sheragan Lands in general, until these provincial Lands are enabled to run their own information hubs.

Go ahead and browse around for more information. As more events and activities make additional information available, more will be added to this website.